"All things (e.g. A camel's journey through 
    A needle's eye) are possible it's true. 
    But picture how the camel feels, squeezed out
    In one long bloody thread from tail to snout."
                                   C. S. Lewis

We started developing the software and company in 1999. The C++ Middleware Writer has been on-line since 2002. Our experience is that between 4 to 8% of the code in distributed systems is messaging/serialization related.

We also work in consulting and have experience with C++, TCP, UDP, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, Boost and other development tools. Ideally, we hope to combine consulting with the on-line services we offer, and will spend 16 hours/week for six months on a project that uses the C++ Middleware Writer.

Also we'll pay $3,000 and give a $2,000 investment in the company to someone who helps us find someone interested in this. We'll pay the $3,000 after working for four months on the project. Ebenezer Enterprises works to reward investments to 3 times the original amount. So the investment would result in between $0 and $6,000, depending on how things go for the company.