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The C++ Standard Library

What every professional C++ programmer should know about the standard library.

By Rainer Grimm

With C++11 and C++14 we have a lot of new C++ libraries. In addition, the older libraries are greatly improved. The key idea of this book is to give you the necessary information on the new and older libraries in about 200 pages. This book assumes you are familiar with C++. If C++ is new to you, you should start with a textbook about core C++. Once you have mastered a book about the core language, you can take your next step by reading this book. To make the job easier, there are a lot of short code snippets to connect theory and practice.

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C++ Concurrency in Action

By Anthony Williams
Pages: 325

C++ Concurrency in Action is the first book to show you how to take advantage of the new C++ Standard and TR2 to write robust multi-threaded applications in C++. As a guide and reference to the new concurrency features in the upcoming C++ Standard and TR, this book is invaluable for existing programmers familiar with writing multi-threaded code in C++ using platform-specific APIs, or in other languages, as well as C++ programmers who have never written multi-threaded code.
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